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AR Sandbox

Powered by GemPy

3D visual intuition is a key skill for understanding geology and related processes. Most conventional teaching methods and tools to communicate geological complexities rely on 2D media such as maps and profiles. This comes with a high level of abstraction that poses a comprehension challenge for students and non-experts. 3D geological intuition is trained by practice, but field courses require time, organizational efforts and are often expensive.

Our Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox provides a haptic way of exploring complex 3D landscapes, geological problems, and the relationship between subsurface formations and topographical features. Simply use your own hands to build mountains, dig valleys, observe the results and gain valuable 3D geological intuition!


We bring the fieldwork into the lab with

our AR Sandbox powered by GemPy!

The Specs

  • Microsoft Kinect depth sensor

  • Short-throw projector

  • Special sand-mixture, optimized for sculpting

  • Touchscreen display

  • Compact desktop-computer

  • Box and framework with wheels

  • GemPy module for interactive modeling

  • Voxel-render module for importing and visualizing static models

Presenting the

AR Sandbox

Our AR Sandbox for geology visualization has been presented by us on numerous events such as science nights, hackathons, and conferences. We have installed AR Sandboxes in Germany, Norway, and even in Brisbane, Australia. It even made it to Australian TV!

The AR Sandbox has excited children and adults, students and professionals alike. This interactive, hands-on and fun approach to communicating geology appeals to everyone!

If you are interested in experiencing our AR Sandbox or even owning one for yourself or your institution, contact us!

Our AR Sandbox on Australian TV!

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