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About Us

GemPy as an open library is being constantly improved and expanded by the contributions of geoscientists and developers from different organizations. Originally, it was created in the context of a Ph.D. project at the Institute for Computational Geoscience and Reservoir Engineering (CGRE) at the RWTH Aachen University, Germany. The core team behind GemPy is listed below.

The GemPy Team

Benevolent Dictator

  • Miguel de la Varga, M.Sc.

    • Ph.D. Candidate at RWTH Aachen University

    • CEO & Co-Founder at Terranigma Solutions


  • Alexander Schaaf, M.Sc.

    • Ph.D. Candidate at University of Aberdeen

  • Alexander Zimmermann, M.Sc.

    • Ph.D. Candidate at RWTH Aachen University

    • Senior Systems Engineer at Terranigma Solutions

  • Jan von Harten, M.Sc.

    • Doctoral Candidate at RWTH Aachen University

Main Contributors

  • Elisa Heim, M.Sc.

    • Ph.D. Candidate at RWTH Aachen University

  • Dr. Jan Niederau

    • ETH Zürich


  • Andrew Annex

    • Ph.D. Candidate at the John Hopkins University

  • Dieter Werthmüller, Ph.D.

    • Postdoc Researcher at TU Delft

  • Fabian Stamm, M.Sc.

    • COO & Co-Founder at Terranigma Solutions

Project Supervisor at the CGRE Institute

  • Prof. Florian Wellmann, Ph.D.

    • CKO & Co-Founder at Terranigma Solutions


If you have a general question or have stumbled upon a problem whilst installing or using GemPy, we suggest you submit a public issue on GitHub. Thereby, the right person from our team can address your problem, and other users can benefit from the answer!

If you are interested in becoming a major contributor, a sponsor, or GemPy supporter in any way, get in touch with the original authors at Terranigma Solutions by writing to


GemPy is supported and sponsored by several organizations and projects. Click on any logo to find out more about them.

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