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Welcome to GemPy

GemPy is an open-source, Python-based project for generating 3D structural geological models. Utilizing an implicit modeling approach, it enables the creation of complex combinations of stratigraphical and structural features, including folds, faults, and unconformities. Moreover, GemPy is specifically designed for probabilistic modeling to tackle parameter and model uncertainties effectively.


Best of all: GemPy is completely free and open-source!

Open-Source 3D Structural & Probabilistic Geological Modeling

A new version, GemPy V3, is now available. Explore the latest features on our GitHub repo or head straight to the installation page to get started!


New release available now!

GemPy V3

Experience our reworked open-source 3D geomodeling engine - now more robust, with a streamlined API and easier installation. GemPy V3 is ready to be integrated with your workflows and tackle your specific geoscience projects.

Main Features
Rapid 3D Geomodeling

Based on an implicit approach and GPU-accelerated, GemPy enables you to create and update 3D structural geological models including diverse structural and stratigraphical features in a fast and simple way.

Probabilistic AI & Uncertainty Analysis

Leveraging automatic differentiation, GemPy is designed to integrate with probabilistic frameworks, enabling the application of Bayesian inference to your data and models. With GemPy, you can harness this probabilistic potential to effectively quantify uncertainties and identify how to minimize them.

Versatile Visualization

GemPy models can be flexibly visualized in both 2D and 3D, such as by using PyVista within Jupyter Notebooks for interactive viewing, or by exporting to external software such as Blender. Additionally, models can be directly pushed to the LiquidEarth app, developed by the same team behind GemPy

Open Code & Ecosystem

GemPy's code is completely open-source and transparent, allowing you to fully understand how your models are created and to integrate your own algorithms seamlessly. This openness ensures high integratability and interoperability, particularly with other libraries in the geoscientific open-source ecosystem, such as GemGIS, pyGIMLi, SimPEG, and more.

Getting Started With GemPy
Helpful Resources

New to GemPy? The resources listed here are designed to support your learning process and help you get started. For assistance during installation or usage, we encourage you to visit our GitHub Issues page, where both our team and the community actively address questions and resolve issues. For specialized requests, we also offer consulting services through Terranigma Solutions, led by the original authors of GemPy.

Join Our Community!

We believe in open source. And we believe that great things are built together. We invite you to become part of our community of GemPy users and contributors. Feel free to share with us your ideas, issues, and even code extensions on GitHub!

Start using GemPy now and become part of our global community for open-source geological modeling!

GemPy is supported by contributors from different organizations. Learn more about the origins and team behind GemPy by clicking below.

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