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Learn to use GemPy!

 To introduce you into geological modeling with GemPy, we have created a set of Jupyter notebooks which serve as interactive tutorials. In several chapters, we guide you through basic functionalities of data management, model creation, visualization, stochastic simulation and more.

As Jupyter notebooks, you can use the tutorials interactively or simply view them here online.

Please note: The tutorials are still work-in-progress and are being continuously improved. More chapters are coming soon!
View the tutorials online!

You can simply view all tutorial chapters as static versions online here:

View tutorials
Chapter I:
Model Creation

Learn about the basics of geological modeling with GemPy. Import data, create your first model and visualize it.

Chapter II:
Chapter III:

Coming soon.

Chapter IV:

Coming soon.

How do I use the tutorials interactively?

To interact with the tutorials notebooks, you will need to have Jupyter Notebook installed, which typically comes with the Anaconda Distribution. For other installation options, visit the Jupyter website.


The tutorial chapters come with every GemPy installation and can be found in the respective tutorial folder. To view and work with them, open the tutorial notebooks in the Jupyter Notebook App, which you can run over the Anaconda Navigator or via the following command:

$ jupyter notebook

Interactive tutorials
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