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Start using GemPy now!


GemPy requires Python 3 and a number of open-source packages:

  • pandas

  • tqdm

  • scikit_image

  • Theano

  • matplotlib

  • numpy

  • pytest

  • scipy

  • ipython

  • seaborn

  • setuptools

  • scikit_learn

  • networkx


Optional packages for 3D visualization:

  • vtk >=7

  • steno3d

Optional packages for probabilistic methods:

  • pymc or pymc3


We highly recommend using either Conda and PyPi to automatically install the latest version of GemPy with all dependencies:

$ pip install gempy


Alternatively, you can clone the current repository by downloading it from GitHub or by by calling

$ git clone

and then manually installing it using the provided Python install file via

$ python gempy/ install

in the cloned or downloaded repository folder. Make sure you have installed all necessary dependencies listed above before using GemPy.

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